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A trasformation story 


A musical play = Written by Ian Millais
All lyrics to the songs written by Ian Millais

Alchemy is about one man’s search to improve himself, the metaphor of transforming lead to gold.  

Christophe needs to find himself and understand what is wrong with his life, so as to fight and win against his illness, from the inside out.

This is Christophe’s journey into the dark and back out into the light. Our hero faces his errors, his monsters and most importantly himself. Will he be able to triumph over his illness and gets his life back on track?



The personal battle with serious illness "So don’t give up the fight".

Confrontation of oneself when facing death.

Getting over the sadness and darkness by rising into the light 

Overcoming personal fears and fighting our own monsters. 


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Act 1

Scene 1

Hospital Scene Where Christophe and all cast are introduced, in their human forms.

Christophe sings I AM NOT A NUMBER 


Scene 2

Christophe is given an anesthetic and taken to the operating room. Angeline turns up late and then gives everyone advice. "Little miss know it all"

The Doctor sings THE DESCENT


Scene 3

Christophe meets The Wizard and starts his inward journey. He is told to find answers and that if he doesn’t it will kill him.

Christophe sings THE PATH


Scene 4

Christophe meets Sady who he doesn’t know yet is the Head Siren. She tries to seduce him. He has a riddle contest with her and wins a key. 

Sady sings: THE KEY


Scene 5

Christophe wanders down his path and comes to a garden, where he sees and meets Angel. She is an adapted child and a perfectionist. She uses the the metaphor of her little plant to describe what she went through with her parents. He is very attracted to her.

Angel sings THE GARDEN


Scene 6

Christophe sees his and her mistakes and realize he has fallen in love with her. She feels the same for him They plan their future and start to reshape their lives. They embrace

Christophe and Angel in duet  sing THE HOUSE



Scene 1

Doctor battles with Christophe’s life on the operating table.


Scene 2

Christophe meets The Witch by the well of memories. They discuss his mother and his relationships with the women of his life.

The Witch sings THE WELL


Scene 3

Christophe talks with himself as he tries to understand what it is he is supposed to be doing in life and on this path.

Christophe sings MEANT FOR ME


Scene 4

Christophe meets and talks to The Tree. This is really an inner representation of his father. he overcomes his fear of his father and the need for recognition from him.

The Tree sings TRIBULATION


Scene 5

Christophe see the Wizard again and gets advice from him as to how to confront his life and problems.

The Wizard and Christophe in duet sing THE TREE


Scene 6

Christophe is invited into the Inn run by Sady and her Sirens of Sin. He is tempted and succumbs to their poison. He is drained of energy and made prisoner.

The female cast meaning all Sirens sing THE SIRENS


Scene 7

Christophe wakes to find himself chained to the floor and starts to lament that he let his life slip away from him. He sees the error of his past ways and starts to want to reframe them, but is low in energy. He escapes the chains using the key he won from the first meeting with Sady.

Christophe sings THE REPENTANCE

Act 3

Scene 1

Doctor fighting with the patient’s life applies more anesthetic and Christophe falls into even deeper dreams.



Scene 2

Christophe has a flashback to his childhood and witnesses one of so many fights between his parents.

Father and Mother sing in duet THE BATTLE


Scene 3

Christophe on a ledge as if in a dream,  sees Angeline talking to herself in the waiting room of the hospital. He hears her words but she cannot hear him.

Christophe and Angeline sing as a duet THE CHILD AND THE TOY


Scene 4

Christophe meets The Monster. It was created by his anger and fear and is the shadow self of him. They fight for supremacy. Darkness wishing to destroy and kill. Christophe wishes to gain his life and freedom. 

The Monster sings THE MONSTER


Scene 5

Simultaneously on stage The doctor locates the illness. The Wizard appears at the scene of the fight and gives Christophe his staff to bring light into this darkness and kill The Monster.  Christophe kills the Monster and the surgeon takes out the illness.


Scene 6



Scene 7 

Christophe wakes up in his hospital room after the surgery. He knows what he wants to do with his life and gives his family news and what he thinks about them. To Angeline he proposes marriage. They all live happily ever after.

Christophe sings COMING HOME